happy holidays y'all,

although i'm still too much of a student to do bamboo girl print stuff at the moment, i'm still around! with my recent move to ct from nyc, i totally forgot to catch the p.o.b. bill. so, for about a month, people who've been sending me stuff during that time may have had it returned to them. but, i've paid my bill, and my same address is in effect again as of last week: bamboo girl zine, pob 507, ny, ny 10159-0507.

wanted to tell you about a movie that'll be coming to the nyc area. check it out:

Award-winning Documentary Opens in NY
ABDUCTION The Megumi Yokota Story

Opens January 12th

22 E 12th Street
For tickets call (212) 924-3363
Or visit: www.cinemavillage.com

A film by Patty Kim and Chris Sheridan
Executive Producer Jane Campion
A Safari Media film in association with the BBC

“Riveting!” - NPR
“Terrific!” - CNN
“Extraordinary!” A work of “Narrative Mastery!” – Los Angeles Times

Film synopsis:

JAPAN,1977. A dark, lonely road leads to the windswept shores. This is the remarkable story of a 13-year-old Japanese girl abducted on her way home from school by North Korean spies. For 20 years, her parents had no idea what had happened to her or if she was even alive. Then, one day the whole world learned the shocking truth.

An extraordinary tale of mystery, intrigue and most of all, love, the film’s told through the eyes of the girl's mother and father who have been searching for their daughter for nearly 30 years. The film begins with the day Megumi vanishes, traces the astonishing course this personal tragedy takes, as it becomes a battle between two nations, rising to a shocking climax.

For more info on the film: www.abductionfilm.com