pinay/pinoy/azian pop culture clothes for sale (by yours truly!)

hey folx!

my, but i can procrastinate!... ;)

so yeah, i'm in the greater hartford, ct, area, will be my 4th month here coming up. and i am constantly amazed at how much shit i've amassed over the years in my old apartment! recently, i unearthed a bunch of cool pop culture clothes on the pinay/pinoy/azian tip. great stuff, but i just don't need it all! so i am selling it all off. most are in like new condition, but those that are not (may have a watermark that can easily be washed out in the washer) are marked down considerably. i posted them all online at:


Here's a sample:

cuz i don't know how the hell to post all that crap here in this post. i've described them as much as i could in the little space they give me, and each photo has a mini description with price. feel free to email me at bamboogirl@aol.com with questions, or to purchase anything. if you are out of state, i'll mail your item(s) to ya if you pay for the item n postage via paypal (i've sold lots of my bamboo girl stuff online and am an ebay seller slut so don't worry, i know what i'm doing).

you'll find blacklava stuff, pinay clothing (now unfortunately no longer in business but was damn kickin when it was a couple years back), pnoy apparel (cool stuff including men's skullcaps for winter), tsinelas-designed stuff for rex navarette, pinaytration stuff, tribal pinoy-designed tee for queer conference many years ago (still like new, never worn or washed), and yes, bamboo girl baby girl classic girl tees (including the ever-popular "asian chicks kick ass" and "exoticize my fist" mottos that will surely alienate grubby-handed harrassers on the streets!). there is even a rare tee i screened myself by hand of my "eskrima girl" which i placed on a thrift shirt way back when. there's no other one that exists.

so, please, support your local cutie mixed blood pinay by purchasing some stuffs that will make you feel good just wearing!

sabrina margarita


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