HAPPY NEW YEAR my fellow revelers! a new year is upon us and i find that though it is full of changes, it's not without its challenges. moving on post-marriage is slow but sure and filled with possibilities, my boob is on the mend post-surgery (no, they weren't implants you asses!), my septum piercing is on its 4-5th month, looks like i'm taking a break from school for the semester so i can concentrate on memorizing my 300 herbs. just came back last week from las vegas with my family (my 1st time there). their shows, especially "la reve", are amazing! i especially loved the guy dressed up like the devil in 'legend' with his long horns and nails. a pic or 2 to come.

as for bamboo girl zine, yes, still in the works, and the pintadas (asian tattooed ladies' exhibit) layout is still slated to be featured, but i have to be realistic and notice that as much as i know you lovely readers out there are anxious to get your hands on the next long awaited issue, i gotta take care of my broke ass student self and my bills before i can finalize payments on zine printing. unless anyone knows of a dirt cheap printer? but i will be sending out an email update once things get more final and will post notices up here as well.

here's to kisses that make you curl up your toes...