ok, had my breast surgery. healing very well, and downing those zinc and vitamin c pills like they're m&m's. i loved being out and under, tho the being skewered for surgery prep with a giant needle while awake under local anesthesia till it catches my chest muscle was a bitch. i then had to get a mammogram while the bigass needle was hooked in. smushing my boob in the contraption while the needle is in. yes. uncomfortable. what pissed me off was the woman who was doing it, again with the interrograting me about my tattoos, you know, the regular, "wow! did that hurt?" "omigawd!" "how long did it take?" blah blah blah. with my skewered boob, i was SO not in the fucking mood to educate. i told her to stop asking me questions and get this over with. in the recovery room, once i woke up, i was so relieved that the surgery was over that my good galpal (you know who you are, z!) who came to be my 'escort' went girly shopping with me!

going to conduct a heterosexism workshop at the DEFINING OURSELVES, SHAPING OUR REALITY: THE ISMs THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES A National Conference for Filipinas and Allies this weekend november 4-6, 2005 in la, ca. for more info check out gabnet's website. come see pinay women fuck shit up! (in the oh-so-good way!)

went to the goth vamp party hallow's eve at crash mansion. fun folks. my friend from chicago came down to party with me. he was a vamp count and i went as french maid. there was this really cute guy who was out with his guy friends, but i think he thought my friend was my boyfriend. oh well. there were more cute girls than cute guys, most if not all were nice to me. had a great time! got wasted on madras. i kept staring at girls' asses. i am such a guy.