LOVE this heat and humidity (& so does my curly hair!) Check it out, these folks will be writing up something on their project for the upcoming Bamboo GIrl Zine, #12!:

Deadline: September 1, 2005

Are you Asian or Pacific Islander?
Do you identify as a woman or trans person?
Do you identify as lesbian, bisexual or queer?
Have you been in an unhealthy relationship with a controlling partner?
Was there someone who supported you?

We want to hear your story...

Please contact apiqueer@gmail.com to find out more about this project or to set up an interview.

Participants of this book project will receive $25 for completing an interview. They will also receive 2 copies of the final book delivered by
mail. Additional copies may be requested.

Interested Interviewees:
If you are interested in talking to one of our team members about the support you received while in an unhealthy relationship, please email
apiqueer@gmail.com with your name, phone number and the best times to contact you.

About the Book Project:
This idea came from one of the organizers’ work of realizing that mainstream domestic violence interventions were not relevant, accessible or useful when she was in an unhealthy relationship. Instead, she found support in organic ways like meeting up with the one friend who always believed her, or the acquaintance from a queer API group that always said hi and checked in, especially when her abuser was at the same community events.

We wanted to take an approach where API-LBTQ survivors could talk about moments where they actually had something positive contribute to their
healing from/dealing with an unhealthy relationship. Through this project we hope to bring to light our stories of small triumphs or moments of
breathing, so that we could, as a community, begin to self define what survivor support can look like on our own terms.

* *

Call For Submissions: Partner Abuse in Activist Communities Zine

Have you experienced partner abuse/ domestic violence within an activist community? Want to break the silence and change our communities forever?

The Revolution Starts At Home Collective is creating a zine to break the long-held silence about partner abuse in activist communities, building on
the groundbreaking work of INCITE/ Women of Color Against Violence. We are a collective of Asian and South Asian activists and writers, women and genderqueer, who believe that it’s time to create communities that are true safe zones, where abusers are held accountable and survivors can live without fear.

Many conscious folks believe that abuse “doesn’t happen here”, that people who are fighting oppression just don’t hit their partners. But
unfortunately, abusers do live and work inside our communities. Even more nfortunately, too many times survivors aren’t believed or listened to,
and are left to struggle on our own to figure out how to be safe, especially when we feel that going to the cops isn’t an option.

From prison justice to trans/genderqueer circles, from hiphop/spoken word scenes to queer women of color land to disability culture: what have your experiences been like? Were you able to successfully kick an abuser out of your group? Was your abusive girlfriend's best friend working on the DV hotline? Did your anti-police brutality group fear retaliation if you went to the cops? Was the "healing circle" a bunch of bullshit? We want to hear about what worked and what didn't, what you learned, what you wish folks had done, what you never want to have happen again. We want to hear about folks’ experiences confronting abusers, both by using the cops and courts and by using methods outside the criminal justice system. We want to hear from everyone, but we are prioritizing the stories of people of color and Native folks, queer and trans folks, disabled folks, and stories from many generations.

Please send submissions and a short bio both attached and cut and pasted to revolutionathome@riseup.net by October 15, 2005. Writing, poems, visual artwork, sticker designs and stencils are welcome. Please include contact info: name, email and print address. We promise your words will be held in confidence. Anonymous contributions and those using a pseudonym are fine, but please include a name we can reach you under. Both survivors and supporters are welcome to contribute.

The Revolution Starts At Home Collective:
Ching-In Chen
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Sham-e-Ali al-Jamil