i survived the hyperpatriotic frenzy that is july 4th, where instead of going to a typical bbq i went to a barkada/posse bbq where there were grilled goodies + a screening of the film "savage acts" which is a documentary of the true nature of the genesis of filipino-american relations in all its ugly glory. then we discussed the REAL deal about "philippine-u.s. friendship day" which is around this time, and then chewed the fat about gma (gloria macapagal-arroyo, the philippines (soon to be ousted) president.) now THAT's a 4th of july celebration!

i am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful hot weather of summer! some people complain, but i LOVE summer heat and not having to wear lots of clothes (the best kind!) hell, it's in my genes! problem is, i'm so femme nowadays with my longass hair that's full of curls n waves, it makes for automatic insulation! good in winter, but freakin blows in summer, so i've been doing lots of experimenting, on hairstyles and in life in general. also getting in touch with my inner femme...

after a time of mutual admirations, i finally met up with kristina wong of big bad chinese mama fame (www.bigbadchinesemama.com), which has become the #1 mail order bride/asian porn spoof site in the world. it actually geminated from a college project and took on a life its own. but kristina has since become a performance artist who travels and speaks and performs at college campuses and writes as well. she has a main website at www.kristinawong.com. anyways, so we finally met. we utterly enjoyed uncovering our inner ho's together and got in touch with our girlie selves! which was even made more delightful by the fact that we've done so much feminist/pro-asian/militant/fuck you don't fuck with me work in the past. she totally rocks my world!

* * * * * * * *

by the way, a filipina nyu student recently emailed me regarding a new play she's written and will soon be featuring, check it out:

my name is alexis camins. i'm filipino and i would like to invite you and your organization to the world premiere of a new play "to the colored american soldier". the play begins during the philippine-american war, and deals with the plight of african-american soldiers fighting in foreign wars.

we would love the play to reach those in the filipino and asian community, especially those who don't usually see theater. details are below. if you have an events calendar, it would be much appreciated if you added the play to your events.

thanks and hope to see you at the theater.

alexis camins

studio tisch productions
To the Colored American Soldier
written by Alexis Camins and Rashaad Ernesto Green

Aguinaldo and Ali. Mosul and Manila. MLK and AK47s. History folds into itself, crosses its footsteps and returns to the end. For Richard, a black US soldier fighting on foreign soil, the future will not be forgotten, and the past will get a second chance.
With Rashaad Ernesto Green*
Shane Taylor*
Alexis Camins*

lighting by Jorge Arroyo
set by Kristen Adams
stage managed by Joan H. Cappello

Paul Walker Theater
721 Broadway (@ Waverly) Fifth Floor

Fri. July 22 at 8pm Fri. July 29 at 8pm
Sat. July 23 at 2pm & 8pm Sat. July 30 at 2pm & 8pm
Sun. July 24 at 3pm Sun. July 31 at 3pm
Mon. July 25 at 8pm

Suggested Donation $10
For more info: 347.837.4728

*Members of Actors Equity Association