I am a woman of mixed API (Asian Pacific Islander)/Filipina descent & the editress of the print zine, Bamboo Girl (check out www.bamboogirl.com for more info). My zine focuses on the empowerment of women of color, particularly those of API & Filipina heritage, and I’d like to showcase the stories we tattoo on our bodies. This will be an unprecedented event, as no one has ever showcased the tattoo art of API & Filipina women, at least not in New York! My interest is purely personal, as a great deal of my body is tattooed myself. I want to meet other women of API & Filipina heritage with large, many, & beautiful tattoos with a story to tell. Ultimately, I will be tastefully showcasing our skin art at a fabulous upcoming Bamboo Girl Zine Fundraising event to spread tattoo awareness as well as revel in our beauty as API & Filipina females. Because it is for fundraising purposes, I will be unable to pay a stipend for your participation, but I promise a large event turnout, recognition of our tattoo art by the tattooed, non-tattooed, and aficionados alike, as well as a pictorial spread in the next issue of Bamboo Girl Zine.

This is your chance to show off your artwork for a good cause! Please email me at bamboogirl@aol.com, telling me a little bit about yourself & the story of your tattoos. I look forward to meeting you!

One in ink!
Sabrina Margarita

p.s. A formal invitation for the actual Tattoo Showcase Event will be forthcoming. Complete with bells & whistles. Keep your eyes peeled!