Yesterday's benefit was AMAZING. Packed house, raised at least $3,000 on the door alone. It's like every person brought their own following with them. We definitely made a difference in the sharing of eclectic folks who performed. I sang an opera piece & a piece totally in tagalog (national Filipino language). Was so nervous! But I pulled it off.

Hey, big news! 2005 marks the 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BAMBOO GIRL ZINE! Can you believe it's been around since 1995? Massive. Starting as a photocopied half-legal sized rag to an offset printed magazine size ditty. Since I started being a full time student 1-2 years ago, it's been hard to keep up funds for printing. Expect a fundraiser in some form or another this year, and I expect to print this year. If anyone has any epiphanies as to how to raise funds for printing, I'm all ears! Email me at bamboogirl@aol.com.