The following is an open call for an upcoming movie. They're looking for ethnically ambiguous types of ladies. Come be part of it! In the meantime, do make sure you support and see the various presentations at the Asian American International Film Festival.

CASTING CALL – 18-19 YEAR OLD GIRL FOR LEAD ROLE IN INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM BY SUNDANCE ‘BEST DIRECTOR AWARD’ WINNER. The girl is white, but “New York white” rather than “Midwestern white.” She is brunette, and hard to place ethnically; she may be some mix of Mediterranean, part-Asian, light-skinned Latina etc. You just can’t tell. Must speak with NO accent; must truly look 18-19 in close-up. Can deliver an astonishing performance without always relying on dialogue; can work with silence and the smallest gesture. Provocative and quiet film about a girl going through a crisis of faith. NYC shoot in early fall. Paid. SAG/non-SAG. For further info, see www.facefilm.com/auditions.