Happy July 4th! I personally don't celebrate the day, which has come to be also known as Philippine-American Friendship Day. Ew. All that wrapped up in one patriotic holiday? Yes, that and a bag of chips.

I spent the long weekend at my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, helping my parents move from my childhood home into their empty-nester house - big changes. Have been speaking with certain dear friends from there (the gems in the rough), and although the kind of stuff I do is totally unrelated to the kind of work they do, they admit that they check my site often, moreso to catch up on what I've been doing lately. I didn't even give them the url. Sweet, no? In my often jaded mind, I was refreshingly surprised, and felt true warmth even in this sweltering summer heat.

Yes it is sweltering, & I enjoy the warmth and sun while it lasts, before it shoots off into the seemingly forever cold fall/winter mode. It's pretty damn warm right now, but coming fresh out of my being in the Philippines for a month, it just reminds me of the motherland, one of the differences being the warm tropical breeze that circulates and cools you off, vs. the stagnant heat of smelly NY'ers stuck and packed like sardines on the NJ Transit with no a/c, all with the same idea as me - trying to get home from the airport on a July 4th weekend. People in NY complain often of the heat, and when it's there, the humidity. Well, hell, NYers complain about a lot of things. Me? I just soak it all in.

Must check this out.
1.Go to www.google.com then type: weapons of mass destruction
2.Don't press Search!!
3. Click the "I'm feeling lucky" button - read the error message VERY carefully...