I and many others will be taking to the streets tomorrow to protest the war against Iraq and Bush’s whack regime. For those of you who will be coming, remember your banners, props, noise-makers, bottled water, hot pads if you can find them, remember to dress warmly – hats, scarves, fleece, wool (it may snow and wool is warmer than cotton), thermals, drinks to hydrate. I’ll be marching with the Fil-Am contingent/feeder of course!

* Time: 10:30 a.m.-12pm for community program in front of Philippine Consulate; join main demo on 1st Avenue & 49th Street at 12:30 p.m.-3pm
* Location: Front of the Philippine Consulate, 556 5th Ave. (btw 45th &46th Streets)
* Contact: filamsagainstthewar@yahoo.com
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
Filipino Workers Center, FORWARD, GABRIELA Network, Kinding Sindaw, Network in Solidarity w/thePeople of the Philippines, Pintados Arts Collective, Youth Initiative for Social Action.

A great place I found copy-free art for public use http://anotherposterforpeace.com/ – very effective slogans, downloadable in postcard, lettersize, 11x14, and bumpersticker sizes. For marching with a propped up poster, just stick a hard backing to the other side, something to prop it up with, and you’re good to go!

For details on all stuff about tomorrow, check out http://www.unitedforpeace.org/feb15.html Apologies in advance for not being able to include entire list of feeders, as Blogger's capabilities only go so far! See above link for entire list and more info.

- Sabrina Margarita

Action Alert:

To our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled this morning that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice a permit to march on February 15. Citing "heightened security concerns," she ruled that we may only hold a stationary rally, for which we have been granted a permit for First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street.

We are accepting the rally permit, and our massive demonstration to stop the Iraq war will go forward no matter what. But we are appalled by this attack on our basic First Amendment rights, and we will continue to fight for the right to march. Our attorneys, the New York Civil Liberties Union, have already filed an appeal, and we are asking all of our supporters to protest passionately against this attempt to stifle the growing opposition to Bush's war.

We will provide you with more information soon on this rapidly evolving situation. For now, we encourage you to keep organizing and mobilizing for February 15 -- we have a legal permit to rally, and we cannot and will not let the NYPD and the Bush Administration silence our cry for peace.

More than 300 cities around the globe will be holding protests this weekend against the Iraq war: Let's make New York City's protest the biggest, most passionate anti-war gathering of them all.


1) KEEP MOBILIZING FOR FEB. 15: The NYPD wants to discourage people from coming to this protest -- we need to redouble our efforts to make February
15 an enormous gathering for peace. Please contact Fran Geteles asap (fgeteles@igc.org or 212-663-8048) if you are organizing buses or trains.
Check out our website at http://www.unitedforpeace.org/feb15 -- we've added lots of new information.

2) SPREAD THE WORD: Forward this message widely, post the assembly location on your website, tell everyone you know that the February 15 protest is indeed happening and that we have a permit to rally at 49th Street and First Avenue.

3) SPEAK OUT: The denial of our right to march sets a very dangerous precedent for free speech in this country -- we ask you to raise the biggest ruckus you can about this attack on our rights.

Some suggestions:
Fax a statement from your organization to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisting on our right to march on February 15.
Fax#: (212) 788-2460

Ask sympathetic elected officials, community leaders, and/or celebrities to contact Mayor Bloomberg and demand that the City issue a march permit.

Contact your local media, write letters to the editor, call in to radio talk shows, get the word out about this outrageous denial of our Constitutional rights.

Make phone calls of protest to these officials:
*NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 212-788-9600, 212-788-3010, 212-788-3040
*NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
*NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6710

Send emails protesting the denial of our march permit Mayor Bloomberg: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html
Commissioner Kelly: rkelly@nypd.nyc.gov

Chief Esposito: jesposito@nypd.nyc.gov

Sign this online petition supporting our right to march:

If you're not already on our email list, you can receive future
updates like this one about the February 15 mobilization by visiting

Thanks for your support -- we can still prevent this war, and together we will win the right to march.

The February 15 organizing staff of United for Peace and Justice



On-Site Legal Help: The National Lawyers Guild is providing 100 legal observers for February 15, who will be wearing bright green hats. They also have set up two phone numbers for people to call if they witness arrests, or if they are arrested: (212) 679-6018 and (917) 807-0658. We encourage you to program these numbers into your cell phone.

Know Your Rights: Demonstrating in New York City
by The New York Civil Liberties Union

New Yorkers have the right to engage in peaceful, protest activity on public sidewalks, in public parks, and on public streets in New York City. This includes the right to distribute handbills or leaflets; the right to hold press conferences, demonstrations, and rallies; and the right to march on public sidewalks and in pubic streets. The City can and does impose certain restrictions on these activities, and in some instances one must obtain a permit before engaging in certain activity. This brochure is intended to inform New Yorkers of the basic rules governing demonstration activity.




THEY WON'T LET THE BIG GROUP MARCH? WELL THEN, JOIN A "FEEDER MARCH" (Ya think they'll FEED us? ) Over 70 Feeder Marches:

You can get up to the minute info on feeder locations at:

Feeder March Summary, Details below
- Colombia Block
- Staten Island Ferry
- War Resisters League
- NYC People of Color
- United NY Youth Bloc
- Support Palestine Feeder
- Green Party Feeder
- Washington Heights
- CUNY Student Marches
- Jersey City Feeder
- Bronx Action
- Multi-Faith March
- LIRR Peace Trains
- Peace Ride/Bike Bloc
- Educators Feeder
- GLAMericans March
- Free Signs Feeder
- Jewish Contingent
- Buddhist Contingent
- Bronx Feeder March
- Anti-Capitalist Bloc
- PeaceWilliamsburg March
- National Lawyers Guild
- New Jersey Peace Train
- Saturday's Warriors March
- CUNY Grad Center
- Connecticut Contingent
- Militant Mothers Block
- Irish American Contingent
- Socialist Party Contingent
- WVPeace March
- Animal Liberationists
- Tibetans Against War - Performing Arts March
- Grand Central Feeder
- Harlem Freedom Hall Feeder
- Mardi Gras Carnival Bloc
- Chicago Humanist Feeder
- Brooklyn Parents for Peace
- WBAI Listener Contingent
- Queer Anti-War Contingent
- Take Back the Future March
- Anarchist Red &Black Contingent
- Lower East Side Contingent
- Filipino American Contingent
- Northern Manhattan Coalition
- Teachers College Peace Rally
- Housing &Green Space Feeder
- Doctors, Nurses &HCW's March
- Interfaith Ministers for Peace
- Anti-Corporate Media March
- NW New Jersey Peace
- Gay &Lesbian Task Force
- NYC Labor Against the War
- Kids & Significant Others
- Poets for Peace
- Garden State Peace Train
- Planet/EcoErotic Noise Brigade
- Unitarian Universalists for Peace
- Democrats.com Feeder March
- St. Francis Xavier Contingent
- Bergen County Feeder March
- Kids and Parents Contingent
- AFSC-Quaker Feeder March
- CODEPINK Women for Peace
- Bread &Puppet March
- Democratic Socialists(DSA) March
- Massachusetts Feeder March

These are the Feeder Marches listed on the United for Peace and Justice
website, as of Thursday night at 8 pm.

Join one or start your own!!!!

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location: Assemble in front of the NY Public Library (41 St. &Fifth Ave.)
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: War Resisters League

* Time: 11:30 a.m. - noon
* Location:
Quakers and those active with the American Friends Service Committee or the
New York Non-Violence Network, will meet at 53 Street &Second Avenue from
11:30-12 noon and march to the rally at 12 noon.
* Contact: cfrager@afsc.org or call 212 598-0963

* Time:
Between 9:30 and 10:45 am
* Location:
339 Lafayette St. (buzzer #7) to pick up signs, banners &etc. and assemble
in front of the NY Public Library (42 St. &Fifth Ave.) between 11 - 11:30.
* Details:
We will sponsor an open-house, poetry reading w/ vegetraian food "Poets
Against the War" after the rally at 339 Lafayette St. NYC (buzzer #11) from
5 - 8 pm.
* Contact: natsec@sp-usa.org or call 212-982-4586

* Time: 11am
* Location:
Tibetans and Supporters will be meeting at the office of Students for a
Free Tibet - SFT's office is located at 602 E. 14 St., 2nd Floor, between Aves.
B and C.
* Details:
Bring Tibetan flags and signs if you can! Call (212) 358-0071 if you have
any questions.

* Time:
Gather at 11 am, step off at 11:30 am.
* Location:
Gather on the sidewalk next to Rockefeller Center, 50th Street and 5th

You can get to Rockefeller Center on the B, D, F and V lines. Get off at
the 47-50 Streets stop. For a subway map, go to
* Details:
Come join the Massachusetts Feeder March and attend the rally with your

We will be walking together and looking out for each other. We will be
following the direction of our peacekeepers.
We will be marching only on the sidewalk, and we will use only half of the
sidewalk space so that other pedestrians can get by.
There will be no Civil Disobedience.
* Contact:
617-426-3040. Or pearbeck@aol.com

* Time:
Between 10:30 am
* Location:
In front of (or inside) the Starbucks on the corner of East 50th Street at
2nd Ave in NYC.
We will then be marching as a group over to the main rally site at the
assembly point on First Avenue north of 49th Street.
* Details:
Animal activists will be marching in NYC under a banner that says: "Peace
to All Beings - War is Deadly to People and Animals."
If you want to bring any posters that express how war is deadly to animals,
please bring them.
To read on the effect of war on animals, see:
* Contact: klinjoy@aol.com

* Time &Location:
Meet at 57th and Broadway @ 10:00am, march down Broadway to 49th, then to
1st Ave for the rally.
* Contact: dugcoo@citlink.net or call 304-283-7401

* Time &Location:
* Contact:
11:00 AM - Room 5141, CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th
DSA members and friends will meet at the Grad Center and proceed together
to the demonstration. Please bring signs, and a radio, so we can listen to the
proceedings and get updates on the event. It will be broadcast on WBAI, FM
99.5. After the rally come to the DSA office (180 Varick St., 12th Floor)
to warm up and get refreshed.
* Contact: julia363@juno.com

* Time: 8:30 am
* Location:
Front of the fountain at Lincoln Center (between 63rd and 65th Streets
facing Columbus Avenue) at 8:30 am on Saturday. We will head south along the park side of Central Park West and meet up with a group of performing artists at
Columbus Circle @ 10:30 am. We will then head down and across town to the
rally site at 49th Street and First Avenue.
* Details:
It seems that buses of volunteers leaving Vermont will not arrive in the
city until about noon on Saturday. If volunteers from the NYC area can come
between 9 and 10 am we would be happy to have them join us to set up
puppets and to practice banner and puppet movements. We are bringing puppets, flags and masks including the Iraqi Washerwomen, the Butchers, the Boat, the Brown Population and new flags that Peter Schumann is printing as I write. We also would like to have a big brass band and drum corps. Musicians with their own instruments are invited to join us. We are looking for about 200
The demo organizers are recruiting volunteers from the city, but this is
definitely a situation where more is more. We look forward to meeting
Vermonters bearing cups of coffee and tea bright and early Saturday
* Contact: breadpup@together.net or call 802-525-1271

* Time: 11am
* Location:
Meet and march beginning at the SW croner of 49th and 3rd Avenue. There is
a wide plaza in front of the corner building where the DEVON &BLAKELY coffee
shop is located.
* Details:
Any banners and signs are appreciated (remember no sticks - only cardboard
* Contact: womens.vigil@verizon.net or call 202-393-5016

* Details:
Ride one of the three Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Peace Trains to the The
World Says No to War Rally in NYC!
Groups are organizing trains on the Babylon, Ronkonkama and Port Jefferson
lines. All of the Long Island peace groups have been informed and are
pooling resources for this great event. Below is a list of the three Peace Train
departure and arrival times:

#1 - Ronkonkoma Line: leaves Ronkonkoma at 9:43AM and arrives at Penn
Station at 11:04AM.
#2 - Babylon Line: leaves Babylon at 9:43AM and arrives at Penn Station at
#3 - Port Jefferson Line: leaves Port Jefferson at 8:39AM, leaves Stony
at 8:48AM, leaves Huntington at 9:33AM and arrives at Penn Station at

Hop on the Peace Train that stops at the station closest to your home, or
go to one of the stations having a Pre-Peace Train convergence and do some
outreach before the main event!

A newly formed peace group, HUNTINGTON TOWNSPEOPLE TOGETHER for PEACE, is organizing a stop for the PEACE TRAIN at the Huntington LIRR Station on the Port Jefferson Line (Stony Brook students are organizing their stop on the same train and line.) We are asking people to be at the Huntington Station
by 9:15 am at the latest, so we can get tickets, give out rally info and
coordinate our march.
* Contact: General - 631-261-8590 - Charlotte
For the Stony Brook stop on the Port Jefferson line, call 631-689-7965

* Time: 10:00 a.m.
* Location: Meet at 52nd &2nd Avenue - From there we will join the international demonstration at 49th &1st Ave.
* Contact: Info. Hotline - 212-209-2815
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: WBAI, 99.5 Free Speech Radio

* Time: 11:15 a.m.
* Location: Lexington Ave and 43rd street
* Details: Bus riders from across Connecticut will assemble in the area of Lexington Ave and 43rd street. At approximately 11:20am, as two chartered trains arrive, the bus riders will begin northward, with 2000+ from the trains falling in behind them. We will be led by a banner declaring "Connecticut United
Against War".
* Contact: bsomberg@wesleyan.edu

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location: 52nd Street and 2nd Avenue - right behind the WBAI contingent.
* Details: Our banner will proclaim "We serve neither Bush nor Mobile."Daniel Berrigan has agreed to lead our contingent. George Harrison who is going on 87 years old has promised to be there.We need your help:Many of you have e-mail
lists of your own. PLEASE forward this and help us get the word out.If you have a
tricolor or have posters , please bring it.It would be great of we could
get a bagpiper.Any other ideas?
* Contact: Updates at 212-209-2971

* Time: Between 10 &11am
* Location: Assembling in the Martin Siegel Theater on the ground floor of CUNY Graduate Center
* Details: Historians Against the War, a UPJ member network with 1500 members, plans to join the feeder march from the CUNY Grad Center; we are assembling in the Martin Siegel Theater on the ground floor of CUNY Graduate Center, between 10 and 11am.

* Time: 11:30 a.m.
* Location: On the steps of the New York Public Library, between the lions on 5th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Sts.
* Details: We can not afford to be silent!!! Exercise your constitutional right to
protest and JOIN US as we march for peace as part of the international
mobilization to say no to the war.

ANYBODY WHO IS MAMA-FRIENDLY IS WELCOME to march with us. Wear or bring something in orange (Code Orange--our civil liberties are in imminent
* Contact: For more info about m.A.m.A., for flyers to hand out, questions about the nature of the march, permits, or safety for kids, or what you can do to
help , e-mail mAmActionF15@topica.com

* Time: 11 a.m.
* Location: A kid contingent at the south east corner of 53rd and 3rd and stretch out along 53rd towards 2nd avenue.
* Details: Earth ball: We may be escorting a 12 foot in diameter earth ball. Those details have not been completely worked out yet.
Signs: Please make signs with your kids. The more homespun and crayola-ish
the better. FM radios: Though we will be up front, and there ought to be no problem hearing, it is being stressed that people carry an fm radio tuned to WBAI, 99.5 which will be running a simulcast of the event. If there are any tricky
logistical issues for either convening or dispersing, WBAI will be helping
out by broadcasting important information.
The weather: I haven't seen the latest weather report but I can just
imagine. Please make sure that the children are dressed in many layers. Being too hot is always preferable to being too cold. You may want to bring newspaper,
which is good insulation to sit on during the rally. Music makers: please feel free to bring musical instruments. Oftentimes that will help us stay warm by keeping us moving.
Balloons and globes: I also recommend balloons, beach balls, those plastic
inflated globes, so we can all play and move around a bit. (Can buy earth globes at Rand McNally Stores, one is on 52nd St. bet. Lex. & 3rd Ave., $6.95 - $10.95: 12" & 16" in diameter)
Police: The police have suggested that they may do what's called a "soft
search"--looking in people's bags. No one is required to open a bag for the
police. They have no warrants or probably cause. Consider the search
strictly voluntary.
Cameras and camcorders: The visuals ought to be spectacular. Bring your
Strollers: If your child is still small-ish and you have a stroller, you
may want to bring it.

Let's raise our voices against war, for peace, for the children of NYC,
Iraq, Afghanistan, the world. See you there.
* Contact: For more info for flyers to hand out, questions about the nature of the march, permits, or safety for kids, or what you can do to
help, e-mail zuckdav@aol.com

* Time &Location: Meet directly in front of Penn Station on 7th Avenue at 32nd Street (west side of street) AT 11: 30 a.m.
* Details: New Jersey Coalition Against the War In Iraq, groups and individuals for peace, will hold brief local NO WAR rallies across the state early Saturday
Morning and then ride "Peace Trains" to Penn Station New York and to the
33rd St. PATH Station.
We will exit Penn Station New York at the Main Entrance on 7th Avenue and
gather on the sidewalk in front of Penn Station at 32nd St. and 7th Avenue.
(Use the sidewalk on the west side of 7th Ave. and line up two or three
across to the south). People coming on PATH, walk one block west and join
the NJ Coalition Against War On Iraq on 7th Ave. at 32nd Street.
At 11:45 a.m. we will walk together to the rally -- North on 7th Avenue
turning right on 49th Street to the "World Says No to War" Rally.
* Contact: 973-744-3263
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
New Jersey Coalition Against the War In Iraq

* Time: 10:30 a.m.
* Location: Community Church of New York. The Community Church of New York is located at 40 East 35th Street between Park and Madison Avenues in mid-town Manhattan. The church is closest to the 33rd Street stop on the 6 train. See www.ccny.org for details.
* Details: Unitarian Universalists from all over are invited to meet at 10:30 at
Community Church before marching at 11:30. The march organizers say to
bring a radio.
* Contact: threecatshoover@mindspring.com, pbsloop@yahoo.com
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: All Souls Peace Task Force, Action for Justice Committee of the Community Church of New York

* Time: 11 a.m.
* Location: In front of the German Consulate, 871 United Nations Plaza, 48th St. &1st Ave. (opposite U.N.)
* Details: We will thank Germany for its heroic efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq conflict. To show our solidarity in the face of threats of economic
retaliation, we will bring German beer and sausage!
* Contact:bob@democrats.com
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: Democrats.com

St. Francis Xavier Peace &Justice Committee -
* Time: 11 a.m.
* Location:
St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church 46 West 16th Street (between Fifth
& Sixth Ave.)
* Details: All are welcome to join us to go to the rally together.
* Contact: Please call Anne at 212-724-6979

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location:
In front of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)
across from the Lincoln Center. Address is 125 Columbus Ave; cross streets:
65th &Broadway; see www.mormon.org for more specific directions.
* Details: Latter-Day Saints from all over are invited to meet at 11:00, marching to the main rally by 11:30.
* Contact: saturdayswarrior911@hotmail.com
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
Saturday's Warriors, a peace group of Latter-Day Saints

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location: Meet at 50th St. and Park Ave., NW corner.
* Contact: danahbiber@earthlink.net
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: National Lawyers Guild

* Time: 11:30 a.m.
* Location:
Between the Lions, on the steps of the New York Public Library, 5th Ave.,
between 41st and 42nd.
* Details:
Wear GREEN clothing, bring GREEN Mardi Gras beads, EARTH-THEMED costumes, instruments, drums, beats, boom boxes, dancing shoes, noisemakers of all kinds, bring posters and EARTH banners and puppets. Bring yourselves and friends.
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Student Environmental Action Coalition
(SEAC), SEAC Militarism and the Environment Campaign, Environmental
Organizers' Network (EON)

* Time: 9:45 a.m.
* Location: N7th/Bedford Ave. (Bedford Ave stop on L train)
* Details:
PeaceWilliamsburg will be marching through Williamsburg prior to the United
for Peace and Justice rally. We will march down Bedford Ave. to South 4th
St. We should be arriving @ South 4th St/Roebling by 10:30am where we will be
picking up members of El Puente and several local churches. from there we
will be marching to the JMZ stop at Marcy Ave. From there we will travel
via subway to 53/Lexington. This is due to L train service interuption:

***The L will running only to Bedford Ave. From there a shuttle bus will run between Bedford and Union Square, and then resume train service from Union Sq. to 8th Ave. As far as I know this applies in both directions. This interuption is due to construction in the tunnel but I have also heard unofficial reports
from MTA workers that this is due to the rally on Sat. Another attmept to sabotage the rally? Who knows.*****

I have been contacted by reporters from the Village Voice, NY Post and the New York Times who are interested in this particular Williamsburg march and would like to interview members of PeaceWilliamsburg that morning/afternoon. Please join is in making this march as successful as possible. I have also been contacted by the police (94 precinct in Green Point) who have assured me that we have their total support and cooperation as long as we march on the sidewalks. This will be a peaceful march and we are not looking
to endorse and acts of civil disobedience. We are expecting many children and eldery protesters who we do not want to put in any harms way. If you are
looking to conduct any acts of civil disobedience I would ask that you join other groups in the city later in the afternoon who are willing to do so.

Please spread the word!
Remember your banners, props, noise-makers, bottled water, hot pads if you can find them. Also, pls. dress warmly (Fleece, wool preferable to cotton since it probably will snow at some point.)

See you Sat!
Kiyoko Please join us and show that Williamsburg cares.
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing: http://peace.starnyc.com
* Contact: kiyokomccrae@yahoo.com - 917-686-2626

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location: Marching from New York Penn Station.
* Details:
North on 7th ave to 49th st. east to 1st ave. marching through times square
and through rockefeller center.
Catch the train from your local station:
* Contact: gitanedrom@hotmail.com
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
We are a group of peace-niks from New Jersey who are demonstrating
petroleum conservation by using mass transit as one alternative to gas-guzzling

* Time: 11:00 a.m.
* Location:
Assemble at Conran's Food Emporium Plaza on East 59th Street and 1st avenue
(just under the 59th street bridge.) Look for the Guernica banner and the
Poets for Peace banner.
* Details: We will begin walking towards the main rally at approx. 11:30 am.

* Time: 11 a.m.
* Location:
Assemble at Grand Army Plaza, northwest corner of Fifth Avenue at 59 St.
Subways: N/R/W to 5 Ave., 4/5/6 to 59 St., F to 57 St.
* Details:
11:30 Sharp. **LEGAL** feeder march (i.e., on sidewalk, if necessary) to 1
Ave. rally site.

Labor speakers at the rally:
**Dennis Rivera, Pres., 1199SEIU
**Larry Cohen, Exec. VP, CWA
**Brenda Stokely, Pres., AFSCME DC 1707; Co-Convener NYC Labor Against the War

Please RSVP by return e-mail your union's attendance and expected number of
* Contact:
NYCLAW01@excite.com - Michael Letwin -- 917-282-0139
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
1199SEIU, AFSCME DC 37, AFSCME DC 1707, AFT Local 3882, APWU NY-Metro/Local 10, BTWJ, CBTU-NYC, CWA District 1, CWA Local 1180, CWE-UFT, Federation of Union Reps., IAM Lodge 340, IWW-NYC-GMB, NJ Labor Against the War, NJ Industrial Union Council, NY Taxi Workers Alliance, NY Teachers Against the War, NYC Labor Against the War, Org. of Staff Analysts, PACE Local 1-149, PSC-CUNY/AFT Local 2334, TWU Local 100, UAW Region 9A NYC, UNITE Local 169, UUP/AFT Local 2190, Working Families Party

* Time: 11:30 a.m.
* Location:
We'll meet on Tudor City Place and walk from there to the rally promptly at
11:45. From 2nd Ave. turn East onto 43rd St. and walk 1/2 block to Tudor
City Pl (access from other streets is possible via stairs). Turn right and enter
small park on right. Look for the NGLTF banner.

Bring: Signs, noisemakers, your voice and your friends.
* Contact: mellen@ngltf.org
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:

* Time: 9:30 a.m.
* Location:Dover, NJ - Train Station
* Details:
Northwest NJ Peace Fellowship and many of the other peace loving peoples
from that part of NJ will gather at 9:30 a.m.at the Dover, NJ Train Station to
take the 10:00 am train to Manhattan. Not knowing how many people will be
leaving from Dover, it is best to arrive early to park and purchase the
ticket. You have to park at the meters, and bring lots of change
The parking must be paid up to 5:00 PM.
* Contact:
website: http://www.nwnjpeace.org/ To subscribe:

* Time:
TBA, Check back here or http://www.protest.net/NYC/calendrome.cgi for the
latest information.
* Location:
TBA, Check back here or http://www.protest.net/NYC/calendrome.cgi for the
latest information.
* Details:
We're beyond taking issues TO the media. The media IS the issue. Help
target the corporate media for their consistent role in promoting the upcoming war in Iraq as well as their central role in manufacturing public consent for
war in Afghanistan, Palestine, etc.
As we are gathering in NYC, the global capital of corporate media, we will
use some of our power, and ASSERT our demands for TRUTHFUL COVERAGE and demand a voice for the outraged majority who REJECT these plans for WAR! We are fed up with their relentless stream of lies and distortions, and WE ARE NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT ANYMORE!

* Details:
Assemble at 9:45 AM at W157 St and B'w'y to march north to 168th or at W
179 St. and B'w'y to march south to 168th . We will march through our
neighborhood and then go downtown together on the subway at 168th and Bway
for the big demonstration. At 168th Street we will converge with another
contingent waiting there and we will enter the subway together at 10:30 AM.
* Contact:
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
North Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice, Uptown Youth for P &J,
Latinos/Latinas Unidos por La Paz, Partido de Trabajadores Dominicano,
Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Assoc., Friends of Ydanis Rodriguez

* Time: BTW 11:30 a.m. - NOON
* Location: South-West corner of 45th St. and 3rd Ave.
* Contact: active@metcouncil.net and 212-979-6238, Ext. 6

* Time: 11:00AM
* Location: Corner of 51st and Park Avenue
* Details: Please wear your interfaith prayer shawl or stole and bring signs and
* Contact:

* Time:
11:30 a.m. for community program; join main demo at 12:30 p.m.
* Location:
Front of the Philippine Consulate, 556 5th Ave. (btw 45th &46th Streets)
* Contact:
* Groups Joining/Endorsing/Organizing:
Filipino Workers Center, FORWARD, GABRIELA Network, Kinding Sindaw, Network in Solidarity w/thePeople of the Philippines, Pintados Arts Collective,
Youth Initiative for Social Action.