End of summer's upon us, and I am adamantly fighting fall and winter's arrival! My genes weren't made for this! I like being able to wear tsinelas/flip flops all day!

I was at my parents' place last weekend, and had the best siopao with the best dough. I was home for my childhood friend's wedding. I wore a gown that was gorgeous yet cheap. I haven't worked that Maria Clara fa├žade in a long time! I thought it was kinda fun to have this flowing gown, but have my big ass tattoos peeking out from under my shoulder wrap, with my mouth like a truck driver's. I reconnected with lots of my childhood friends, and one thing I liked most about the wedding was the massive food supply! I pigged out on that appetizer buffet like it was going out of style.

I finally made plans to visit Seattle, which I'm really excited about, but I'm really there to be part of the North American Consultation for Women of Philippine Ancestry, which will be taking place October 5-7, 2001 (NAC4PA - three-day conference discussing women's role in social transformation re: labor & migration, domestic work, intergenerational/identity and sex trafficking). Besides U.S. attendees, some women will also be coming in from the Philippines and Canada. On Saturday evening, there will be a Solidarity Night, where a bunch of Pinay women will be performing. Luckily, I'll be one of those! Deadline for registration for this conference is September 15. If you'd like to be part of it, contact Milady Quito or Annalisa Enrile via e-mail: gathering@gabnet.org or phone: (213) 307-3696.

Saw the trailer for Snoop Dog's new movie. He can rap like nobody's business, but he can't handle a balisong for shit. Trying to look all cool as he carelessly handled it, I'm surprised he didn't accidentally cut himself!