The 3rd Annual Bamboo Girl Benefit Party A Success!

It was as if each person up there who performed could have been the main attraction on their own! I received lots of compliments on the lineup from audience members, and even the performers themselves! Some of the favorites were: Maura Nguyen Donohue with her beautiful form painted with black ink words, boldly slapping karate movements, with the slide show against the wall; Maritess with her incredible magic (I REALLY have no idea how she did some of that stuff!), smooth and electric personality, and her friend and collaborative artist, Ken Mohommad, the human beatbox, was genuinely unreal in his sound effects. All the beatboxers in the audience were in awe. Kontrast were incredible with their beats and rhymes, coining new race terms, my fave being "ninja." Annie Lin strumming her guitar with abandon. Emily Chang singing sweetly yet dealing deadly blows with words. Kevin Camia showing the different uses of the chair (one of which surely grossed out the audience, use your imagination!). Rex Navarrete, even with his tranquilized set (the evening was long), had the audience roaring... All the artists were incredible and gave so much of themselves. The sponsors gave mad raffle donations, one of the most impressive being a framed portrait of a Filipina woman by photographer BJ Formento. BJ also had a continuous loop of slides showcasing his work (I think my na-ked bday suit was in there somewhere!), mostly focusing on portraiture taken on location in the Philippines. BlackSonny graced the event midway, and even though Aubrey was having trouble having her drumset stick to the wood floor, they performed a kick ass set. Leona Rosel Ward made a delectable bunch of lumpia (complete in wooden container carved as a pig), ensaymada, puto and other goodies. I couldn't believe her! And Lauren (of Quantify zine) made a bunch of vegan banana oatmeal cookies. I couldn't eat the entire day I was so excited. Needless to say, once the wondrous event was over, I went crazy at the local Korean 24 hour restaurant.

Many thanks to the performers, sponsors, and volunteers! Because of you, it's been my most successful event yet, and raised a very good amount towards the next printing of Bamboo Girl (issue #11.)

Pictures of the event will be in the next Bamboo Girl issue.

Call for Submissions for Bamboo Girl #11

Yes, it is about that time. In about a month, I plan to get the next bun out of the oven. I know this doesn't give you much time (about 2-3 weeks), but I'd like to invite anyone interested in contributing their words towards the next issue! Please keep in mind I usually publish more nonfictional pieces, profiles of artists, works, showcasing photographers and artists, good ranting (cuz there are some out there that aren't!), and will not accept any asiaphile, love-you-long-time submissions. Email is easiest, but you can also snail mail it to me at: POB 507, NY, NY 10159-0507. Have any questions? Please drop a line..

Other Goodies
The APIA Summit is happening as we speak in Seattle, WA, and is a gathering of APA spoken word artists, poets, and performers.

Watch out for each other. Because if we don't, no one else will..
Much mahal,
Sabrina Margarita