Been a while, as I've been consumed by my own neuroses of having my fingers in 10 million pies! But it's all good. Gives me butterflies, but is exciting at the same time.

My bday was fab, and I've gotten a hella big response to my callout for performers for the upcoming Bamboo Girl Benefit Party on July 20 @ the Asian American Writer's Workshop, 7:30pm. Packed lineup, and I'll announce it in a while. See my previous entry for details on the event! Many sponsors have signed up as well, and I have lots of raffle prizes, ranging from cool tees, to subscriptions to cool edgy magazines. I've prepped way ahead of time, and have even created a cool tee with a retro Bamboo Girl logo on it, and it's a muscle tee, so you lovely women can show off your triceps! I'll post it in my Emporium as well as soon as I'm able.

Just met up with an Asian American dude who's very vocal about his belief system that Asian American identity is bullshit and full of non-political mumbo jumbo. Mmm hmm... That's all I gotta say. That's as much breath as I'm giving that.

I recently received an email from a White woman who'd signed up on my email list. In big capital letters, "I'M AMERICAN AND I FIND YOUR EMAILS OFFENDING." What's interesting is that I never mentioned any anti-White sentiment, only pro-Asian postings for submissions and such, and once again, I am reminded that White America considers me "not American," though, like many Asians in the US, I was born and grew up here. I know that's a tired observation, and I couldn't agree more.

Gay Pride's coming up, and I'll be hosting a segment of Gay Shame. I'm not into the name either, but it's an ironic comparison to Gay Pride, and the massive corporate sponsorship that's become synonymous with it. Lots of great performers, and lovely Martha Cabrera Estevez is hosting a segment of the evening as well! Where is it? This Sunday, June 24, 2 pm - 12 midnight - Speakers, performers, films, potluck, art, music, puppets! At Dumba, 57 jay street, ground floor, brooklyn (rail: F to York, down hill 2 blocks, 718/670.3719)

And hey! Say happy birthday to Bluestockings Bookstore, because they just celebrated their 2nd birthday! Come and buy books and support their growth as a kickin' women's bookstore!

The next issue is shaping up! I'll be able to publish it soon. Good interviews and contributions. Of course, as always, I welcome submissions. My only requirement being that it doesn't expouse racist, sexist, and homophobic content. Rest assured, any and all submissions exhibiting that stuff is going into my smelly garbage can.

Guess what? My zine is actually part of the curriculum for an UCLA Asian American Studies graduate seminar on API youth cultures throughout history. This tickles me because I'm so not used to that kind of recognition, and find it flattering that people find it that interesting and/or educational enough to include it in a curriculum. I'm hoping the students really get something fruitful from it...

Look out for my update on the lineup, sponsors and raffle items for the Party on July 20th! It'll be a smash!

Much mahal,
Sabrina Margarita