Kamusta kaibigans!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and gave support this past Wednesday, May 2nd, at the Campaign for Safer Subway Stations' "Voice Up!" event at Bluestockings. We raised some good money, and brought an awareness about our campaign. And it was a kickass event to boot! All the performers (see my previous entry for the list) were so intense, and being that we were in a womens' space, many of the performers felt comfortable enough to disclose their own experience of violence they've experienced as women in today's reality. Exhausting mentally, but intense and engaging! And then there were others yet who were more on the lighter tip. A great mix of people who performed and attended. And it was touching to see some men in the audience who were supporting their female friends' works, or who wanted to show their alliance with the campaign's mission. Many thanks to everyone who participated and gave props! Our next effort is to try to write articles in some local papers. If you know or have connections to some publications who may be receptive to spreading the word, please let me know.

And in general, if you'd like to know more info about CSSS, or find out how you can help, please contact:
Ermena Vinluan or myself, S. Margarita Alcantara-Tan, at:
email: CSSSny@aol.com
voicemail: (212) 894-3748, ext. 3365
mail: CSSS, c/o M. Alcantara-Tan, POB 507, New York, NY 10159-0507

Sunday was a blast at the APA Heritage Festival at Union Square here in NYC. I shared my booth with Janet of JanetJewelry.com. Saved up towards my next run of Bamboo Girl, which should happen in the next couple of months. My 'tisay ass got burned though! I came home with red arms and a sunburned face. Even the part in my hair is red! It's pretty funny looking, actually.

So, hey! The Bamboo Girl baby tank tops are here, just in time for summer! I have black tanks with white ink, with my popular mottos, "Asian Chicks Kick Ass," and "Exoticize My Fist." I'm working on another design sometime soon, and hoping to stock some colors too. The tanks are not yet uploaded on my inventory in the Emporium, but are definitely up for grabs! They are $15 ea. I'll be listing it in the inventory soon...

And... the next Bamboo Girl Benefit Partay is coming up Saturday, July 20! From my last benefit, I realized that it may be better to have it during summer, when folks are loving the sun. Also, this one will be a bit shorter in time frame. It will be a wonderful time, and I'd like to put the call out to those who may be interested in being part of the lineup of performers! If so, drop me a line.

Look out for Bamboo Girl's interview with "Stateside," the first locally-produced program by ABS-CBN in the United States by people who understand what it means to be a Filipino-American. Their website's at www.stateside-tfc.com. They're based in the Bay Area in Cali, but this is their first time they're featuring peeps in the East Coast, specifically in NYC.

Check out www.sisterskeeper.com/bamboogirl, for the best and most environmentally friendly feminine products!

Sabrina Margarita
Bamboo Girl Zine

Write me at: pob 507, ny, ny 10159-0507, or bamboogirl@aol.com!