Thanks for all the positive vibes on the revamped site! I do appreciate hearing the feedback.

For the first time, I was able to create my own book. Not write one, MAKE one! I actually sewed the damn thing together myself! And who taught me? Ginger and Courtney of Bookmobile! My first book had an astroturf cover! I love learning new fun things to do (cuz I'm crafty like dat!) Though of course I pricked my thumb with the needle and it bled. I was so impressed with the handmade book and the workshop in general, that I asked to interview them for the next issue of Bamboo Girl, and luckily for me, they accepted, so look out for them in the next issue!

The Campaign for Safer Subway Stations is going well, and we're now in the process of sending out the press release. I'll post it here soon. But our event, "Voice Up!," with spoken word artists, poets, and performance chicks is coming up next week at Bluestockings! Come join us and be enlightened, enraged, and entertained! Details are below.

Have any fellow API'ers been exposed to anti-Chinese sentiments yet, as a result of this US vs. China thing? I know I have. Great, I feel like I'm back in high school. Not like this shit doesn't happen every day already. Can you believe this: I was overhearing a co-worker speaking to another. He was addressing the recent Fortune magazine cover story that laid in front of him, in which a prominent Japanese businessman had committed suicide after having been promoted to an even higher position. This co-worker said to his friend, "The Japanese are killing themselves at the drop of a hat. Why can't the Chinese do that?" They both laughed. I was like, "what?" He knew I was there, and I wondered, "Does this guy even consider that I'm Asian, that I may be offended, that even if I was not, that what he said was totally out of this world and outrageously, violently racist?" I just started this new position recently, so I was not in the position to start picking fights, but when he looked at me seeking comraderie in the humor of the situation, I just stared at him with my hands folded in front of my face. Hmmm. Something to think about. Another co-worker had recently downloaded a song on his computer, "Cat's in the Kettle," which was a play on "Cat's in the Cradle," and all the verses pertained to Chinese food and how it includes all kind of animal meat and whatever else Chinese cooks can get their hands on. He was laughing heartily. I addressed it by letting him know I didn't find the song funny. He said, "I don't either, I love Chinese food!" Here we go again with the Chinese being reduced solely to cuisine. I said, "Well... that's nice, but I still don't find the song funny." Eventually he said, "OK, I'm deleting it right now from my computer." I thanked him and told him I appreciated it. Things were weird for a while, but the heaviness lifted by the next day or two. Whew. But I hope this doesn't turn into a constant occurrence.

The Campaign for Safer Subway Stations

The CSSS was launched in response to the recent rape, beating, and robbery of an API sister in the Canal Street Subway Station of Chinatown. The perpetrator is 15 years old and is pleading not guilty (though he was chased down and caught by witnesses.) The Campaign is working on bringing awareness to this assault and to the fact that the Canal Street Subway Station passageway, as well as other subway station passageways, are not safe at all. We're also working on bringing the perpetrator to justice. It is being co-coordinated by Ermena M. Vinluan and myself.

The Campaign's brochure, press release, and petition are now available for circulation! We will be distributing them soon, so look out in your mailboxes! another reason to sign up on the Bamboo Girl email list! hint hint)

Endorsers of CSSS include:
Asian American Women Alliance
Equality Now
FilCRA-Filipino Civil Rights Advocates
Gabriela Network - NY/NJ Chapter
Kilawin Kolektibo
New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
NYU Asian/Pacific/American Studies and Institute
NYU Metropolitan Studies Program
NYU Office for African American, Latino, Asian American Student Services (OASIS)
Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)-NY Chapter
Take Back the Night of Rutgers University
The Street Harassment Project
United Sikh Association
Women Self Defense Coalition of Rutgers University
V-Day: Until the Violence Stops

Check check out the upcoming event:

"Voice Up!"
* an evening of spoken word, poetry, and performance art *
Wednesday, May 2, 2001
@ Bluestockings
172 Allen St., NYC
subway trains: F to 2nd Ave., J to Delancey/Essex St.

Performers include:
Jennifer C. Armas, Christyne Bacareza Balance, Maria Boncher, Sheelagh Cabalda, Martha Cabrera Estévez, Street Theater Players of The Street Harassment Project, the poets of Feedback (API American spoken word troupe based in NYC), and yours truly.

"Voice Up!" will be a night of celebrating women's fierceness, bringing about awareness of sexual assault against women, and fundraising for the CSSS costs in publicizing the Campaign's goals. And to answer some questions I've been asked about the event, although the evening is centered on women, all are welcome (meaning gals and guys.) Hope you can come!

For more info, or if you would like to help out with the Campaign, contact Ermena or I at:

phone: 212.894.3748 x3365
email: CSSSny@aol.com
address: CSSS, c/o M. Alcantara-Tan, POB 507, NY, NY 10159-0507

Ditch the tampons!
And I'm still a big advocate of the The Keeper! It's the most economical, environmental, and getting-in-touch-with-your-body item out there for those of us who are visited monthly (if you catch my drift.) To order your own, check out www.sisterskeeper.com/bamboogirl.

Sabrina Margarita
Bamboo Girl Zine

write me at: pob 507, ny, ny 10159-0507, or bamboogirl@aol.com me!