Hi there!

Lots of changes going on!  Firstly, I'd like to report that the Brown-Out Show with Rex Navarrete and DJ Kuttin Kandi was a slammin' event!
Rex was more bastos than he usually is! ;)

The latest issue, #10 is hot off the presses, so come get your goodies now!

It contains interviews with:  Helen Zia, Ninotchka Rosca, Rex Navarrete, and Loi Calo the Sabonera.  Articles included are:  Le Thi Diem Thuy
by Bruna Mori, Asian Women Warriors by Eved Melech, piNoisepop by Jesus Perez Gonzales, Commodifying API Cultures by Nguyen Pham Ly-Huong,
Diary of  Madwoman by Yours Truly, Prison McCarthyism by Reginald Sinclair Lewis, Food & Tradition by Tiffany Wong, graphics from Bren Bataclan,
Photos by Anh Dao Kolbe, Filipino Trivia, and a photo layout of the 2nd Annual BG benefit, Book Reviews.  Regulars:  Creepy Filipino Mythology,
Tagalog for the Novice, Bamboo Shoots, Letters, Zine & Music Reviews.

Also, Atomic Books had to close it's doors, Left Bank Distribution is only selling now from their bookstore, and I'm not quite sure if
Secluded Universe is still around.

But new stores and distros have come aboard onto the BG Distro bandwagon since!  Come check me out at these luscious places:
Adore Distro (Canada), Common Lanuage Books, Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse, Red Letter Distro, and Wild Iris Books.

I've also updated the links, as some of them were outdated.

My gal pal, Barbara, who does the zine Plotz, is launching her new website this Friday, so check it out at Plotzworld!

And thanks for the feedback on my front page's funky html.  Hopefully this reads better!

Sabrina Margarita
Bamboo Girl Zine

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